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Triton B Speaker Cabeling

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    Triton B Speaker Cabeling


    I have a desperate question about cabeling of the Revox Triton B speakers... not having the original cables, I would appreciate any information about the correct phase orientation of the satellite speakers (red/black) towards the the DIN connector of the subwoofer speakers (old-fashioned 'DIN' connector, wide flat and smaller narrow end of the connector). Red satellite connector to the wide DIN subwoofer or the other way round? Many thanks!

    PS just my initial feeling, but is there any special need of selection of "special" cables for Triton? When comapred with my Cubic satellite/subwoofer speakers, the bass response is moderate to say the least... but speakers 'per-se' look fine.

    Please do not be shy as *any* comment however subjective will be very much appreciated, both by me and anyone on the list as there is very few comments AT ALL on Triton on the Internet.

    Many thanks-